Page title: Why Choose Us

Because we are uniquely positioned to provide High Quality care, but with Lower Costs . . . How?—

HIGH QUALITY . . . as Sumter's ONLY physician who:

  • has been inducted into the Arthoscopy Association of North America (AANA), an invitation only society for experts in Shoulder, Knee (and other joints) Arthroscopy Surgery.
  • has been inducted into the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS), an invitation only society for experts in Knee and Hip Artificial Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Performs minimally invasive 5mm "band-aid" endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery (learn more)
  • has Fellowship additional training in Artificial Joint Replacement (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Only physician in South Carolina to be inducted as member in both the AANA and the AAHKS professional societies
  • Also see "Our Physicians" page

LOWER COSTS . . . as Sumter's ONLY Orthopaedic Physician:

  • credentialed and with privileges to operate at BOTH Wesmark Ambulatory Surgery Center (WASC) and Tuomey Hospital
  • giving option of drastically lower prices at an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) compared to a hospital and it's Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC) . . . see "ASC vs OSC" page
  • giving choice of drastically lower prices as an independent private practice physician versus hospital employed physicians . . . see "ASC vs OSC" page


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