Page title: Who we are

Established in 1995 by Dr. Drakeford to fulfill his goal to restore function to patients with Orthopaedic upper and lower extremity muscle, tendon, joint, ligament and nerve entrapment related pain and limitations.

Dr. Drakeford post-op with shoulder arthroscopy
patient Jennifer Lucas, USC-S softball player

Dr. Drakeford's emphasis is on thorough evaluation, patient education and discussion of all available treatment options including the least invasive corrective surgery or non-invasive options where effective, and in accordance with the patient's wishes.

Our practice is able to offer the unique combination of High Quality expertise at Lower Costs . . . How?—

• Because of our training and credentials . . . see "Our Physicians"

• Because our Orthopaedic Practice is the only one in the Sumter area not owned by a hospital . . . see "Why Us?"


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